Equity Insights Reports

An Equity Insights Report is a single page report that provides an overview of key trends and insights found in your survey data. Equity Insights Reports are ideal for policy memos, public study presentations, and case studies. This report requires a minimum of 500 survey responses. A sample of an Equity Insights Report can be viewed here. Note: The Equity Insights Report is currently in beta.
To create a report, you first need to request the report from your account manager. In the request, note what survey data you’d like the report to be completed on. After your account manager approves the request, we will email you the completed report within 5 business days.
We will send your completed report via email.
After you send your data to your account manager, it takes our team 5 business days to create a report.
An Equity Insights Report requires a minimum of 500 survey responses.
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