Create Project

Create Project
Projects are dedicated workspaces for managing your survey or analyzing your imported data. A project is created when a survey is launched or data is imported.
Import Data creates a project space where you can view the top trends found in your data. Create Survey enables you to start the process of making a text survey to get insights.
Learn how to import data for analysis here.
Learn how to create a survey here.
Learn how to import existing data for a survey here.
Survey Edits
You can follow a tutorial on editing your survey here.
Yes, they will be saved. However, only edits made before you schedule a meeting with your account manager will be seen by our team. You can learn more about how to share edits here.
No, your survey information will be saved in the submission form. You can return to the form to make edits and schedule an appointment.
We recommend limiting your survey to 7-8 questions. Generally, when a survey exceeds this length, respondents are less likely to finish and provide meaningful responses.
Yes, you can include a question in your survey asking respondents to do so.
Skip Logic
Skip logic allows you to send respondents to a different point in the survey depending on how they answer a question. For example, if a respondent answers no when asked if they would like to continue the survey, they may be skipped to the end of the survey. You can learn about skip logic here.
No, skip logic leads respondents to different points in the survey depending on how they answer a question. It does not stop respondents from answering.
In the survey design form under Launch Survey, you can check the languages you’d like to add to your survey. image

After you enter your survey questions in the survey design form, you can upload an image by clicking Choose File. Make sure to rename the images to correspond to the survey questions. For instance, if you have an image “busy_street.png” that should appear with question 3, rename the image to “3.png”. Important: Images should have a solid background since imagery/lettering on transparent backgrounds may not show up appropriately in SMS messages.


Currently, we support images up to 1 MB in size. This is so images show up quickly over text, since bigger images can take a longer time to load.
We currently allow one image per survey. More images slow down the SMS chatbot, making it harder for respondents to answer your survey.
Best Practices

Quick tips for your co:census survey:

Use emojis 😃

Emojis keep the conversation light and friendly. It helps to build a rapport and trust with your community.

Keep your sentences short and to the point 💬

We apply our survey design expertise to make your surveys more conversational. Short, concise sentences increase your response rate. Use the Twitter Rule: 280 characters max.

Use images where possible 📷

Images are great reference points for questions. Use an image that we can integrate into your survey to give more context to your question.

Enable the magic of skip logic ✨

The beauty of skip logic is that your survey may have 20 questions, but it can be designed so each person only answers 10. We use skip logic to collect detailed data, unique insights, and ensure every person is answering a question that connects to their knowledge or experience.

Sample surveys are a bit tricky — we do not create them because each survey has a different purpose. The key to a good survey is crafting a clear research question. Ask yourself: what are the main ideas you want to understand from the survey you are about to launch?

A significant part of our service is supporting you with survey design. We encourage submitting your survey questions first so that we can begin editing and codesigning the questions with you.

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